Educational Costs are Broken Down by State in This Infographic

 - Dec 24, 2012
References: gradsave &
Educational costs are steep, and this student debt chart shows just how much American students are graduating with.

Going to post-secondary schooling is standard practice among many different regions of the country, but not all families can afford to send their children off to college without taking out loans. The average student in the US will graduate with $25,250 of debt, which is a substantial chunk for young adults to start their life with.

In terms of per state expense, Minnesota, Iowa, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont have the highest rates of student debt, while the west coast is relatively low on the spectrum.

If the graduated student were to pay off their debt in one year, it would cost roughly $69.18 each day to be debt-free in 365 days.