The 'Small Faces' Shoot Depicts Beautiful Young Hollywood Hopefuls

The latest editorial for Double Magazine tells a heartbreaking common story of young, struggling actors all vying for a spot in the already crowded Hollywood Hills.

Titled 'Small Faces,' this editorial stars several models who play actors at an audition. They pose in front of a green screen, scripts in hand, enacting a screen test. One couple must kiss on camera, a young girl looks desperate in the middle of a monologue, and a striking young man looks at the director with fire in his eyes. While all of these situations are both emotional and thought-provoking, the most effective photo in the series are those that feature the models sitting outside, waiting for the audition. Their anxiety is palpable; the viewer gets the sense of desperation that permeates the waiting room, as these struggling young entertainers realize that this process could, in fact, be life-changing.