- Jan 30, 2008
References: hotforest & shinyshiny
Stress is part of a complete breakfast these days it seems, especially in the work place, and stress around the workplace can limit productivity. Optimal Office hopes to eliminate at least some of this stress by the power of a mighty mouse with biosensors and other technology.

The SensDevice mouse will track how stressed you are and then with some accompanying software, will recommend stress relieving exercises to help you simmer. Once these exercises are performed, the mouse will than keep checking your stress levels to ensure you are getting not only the attention you need to relieve your stress, but to keep it that way.

Similar to the stress relieving mouse, stop lights in New Delhi that read relax, other preventative stress measures.

I'm not sure if they have perfected the mouse and fine tuned its stress detecting capabilities, but hypothetically, if you actually aren't stressed, and the mouse keeps telling your computer to display the exercises to relieve stress, the whole purpose of the mouse will then become counter-productive. At least it would for me because there is nothing more annoying than popups. On top of that, they are telling you how you feel.

However, if they have perfected it, I'm sure big corporations who are pushing production will be more than happy to fork over the dough to make their employee's work environment a “stress free” one.