This Street Marketing Stunt Has Dogs Lead People to Discover Deals

In this unusual street marketing stunt, Hush Puppies Columbia has dogs hit the street. The mysterious street campaign included tying a dog on a leash to a sign, with the promise that the adorable Basset Hound would lead people to a surprise. Known for their incredible sense of smell, these dogs served as 'GPS Hush Puppies' that immediately began to lead people directly to a local Hush Puppies store.

Once the dogs successfully lead people to their desired destination, people were rewarded with a Hush Puppies coupon in-store. While it would have been just as easy to give out the coupons without this stunt, it's a fun and memorable one that involves plenty of things to do with the brand, including walking, shoes and the Basset breed, which is the brand's mascot.