A Turkish Insurance Company Makes a Street Fighter Commercial

 - Feb 26, 2014
References: anadolusigorta.tr & geekologie
In what is probably the greatest advertisement for car insurance ever, Turkish company Anadolu Sigorta made an awesome Street Fighter commercial that is currently going viral online.

While the commercial is done completely in Turkish, it isn't hard to understand the gist of it. A man is being interviewed by a reporter when it appears that she asks him a question regarding car insurance, which the man casually brushes off. That's when things get awesome. Seemingly out of nowhere the Street Fighter character Ryu appears and royally messes up his ride. Anyone who's ever played the game will immediately catch the reference to the bonus stage area of the popular game, where you would have to destroy a car within a certain time frame.

The Street Fighter commercial faithfully recreates all of the nostalgic sights and sounds of the game. I wish we had commercials have as awesome here.