Street Artist Faif Uses His Austere Works to Make a Statement

 - May 30, 2012
References: flickr & itsnicethat
Barcelona artist Faif has used his work to voice his opinion of traditional artwork, as as they commonly seek to degrade and discredit graffiti and street artists' work. Faif skillfully decorates public buildings, walls and store-fronts in a manner similar to anonymous British artist Banksy.

One of his pieces shows a wall that has been divided into three different sections; the first section is labelled a masterpiece, the second is labelled a good job and the third is big ####. Another piece compares two brick walls, one that has been beautifully decorated with vivid color that is nevertheless illegal. The other is a bland wall that is labelled legal. These pieces address the subjective and arbitrary nature that surrounds art. He suggests that art is whatever you make it and whatever allows an individual to express themselves.

All of his street works are cheeky, cleverly executed and saturated in sarcasm. Faif's works and clever jabs at high art make you rethink everything you thought you knew about street art, and traditional art for that matter.