‘The Art of Obama' Catalogues Global Street Art Support

 - Jan 24, 2009
References: artofobama & blog.2modern
President Obama's presence has inspired more than mere statements, it has inspired artistic expression. The name ‘Obama’ has evolved from a personality to an idea, and this idea manifests itself throughout the everyday sphere.

Obama is the performers’ new muse and their means of sharing with the observer the essence of their creations. But more than that, he has stimulated the contemporary approach of citizens to bring their messages across: Messages of hope, faith, change, or simply admiration to the widely-celebrated 44th US President.

Within home properties, galleries, the Internet, or on the streets, our communities are enriched with superb sidewalk art, striking murals, moving art paintings, and unique sculptures (such as the featured 6,400 nail wall sculpture), coin art, unusual sign posts, garage art, lawn paintings, superhero cartoons (including Spiderman versions, Batobama and Robiden, Robabama vs. Mechcain), and even personal fashion choices--all dedicated to Obama.

A website has popped up to catalogue the height of this artistic Obama expression. ‘Art of Obama’ displays all of these global art pieces and more. It’s an incredible resource for street art fans or for those who are similarly entranced with the idea of hope that President Obama inspires.