These DIY Ice Pops are Easy to Make and Even Easier to Enjoy

 - Aug 6, 2015
References: beyondfrosting
If you're looking for an easy recipe this summer, give these strawberry marshmallow popsicles a try. This culinary DIY craft makes a batch of incredible ice pops that can be enjoyed by a wide range of foodies.

Though infused with strawberry marshmallows, the chilling treats have been compared to strawberry cheesecake bites. The dessert's graham cracker dust is the perfect accent to its refreshing strawberry ingredients. Unlike most fruit-infused popsicles, these creamy ice pops feature freshly chopped strawberries rather than artificial flavors.

With an ingredient list containing only six items, strawberry marshmallow popsicles are quick and easy to recreate at home. The treats are also healthier than store-bought popsicles that can feature an abundance of added sugars.