Strange Global Festivals, From Jumping Over Infants to Wife Carrying

 - Apr 27, 2009
References: telegraph
The strange is the norm when it comes to creating festivals that attract the curious around the world.

Some of the odder festivals are "The Baby Jumping Festival," where adult men dress like the devil and jump over rows of babies laid out in the street. No kidding! This festival has evidently been going on since 1620.

Another interesting one is the "Wife Carrying World Championships," where the winner receives beer measured by the weight of his wife. Now there’s a time where a strong man carrying a big mama could really come out ahead.

Other interesting festivals include a Camel Wrestling Championship, The Testicle Festival (yes they eat them), The Redneck Games, World Toe Wrestling Championships and the World Bog Snorkelling Championships.

You know by reading these, some people just have too much time on their hands!