Sarah Palin Dishes on Natural Gas, Sexist Jokes & the Economy

 - Jun 13, 2009
References: nydailynews & huffingtonpost
Sometimes news interviews don’t make much sense. A case in point is a 'Today Show' interview of Sarah Palin conducted by Matt Lauer. The interview began by questioning the Alaska governor about a natural gas project, but it veered into the twilight zone of late night TV and some tasteless Letterman jokes before wrapping up with questions about the economy.

The interview is especially curious since the bit finding its way into the blogosphere is not Sarah Palin’s views on natural gas or the economy, but the fact that Palin is offended by David Letterman’s joke about what Palin terms "the statutory rape" of her 14-year-old daughter.

One is left to wonder if CNN isn’t right on the money with their speculation that recent appearances are part of a Palin publicity plan to keep Palin in the American voter’s consciousness. By including some ‘policy’ news on the wings of social controversy, Palin may well be able to bolster her standing in a run for the presidency in 2012.