The STOP Project by Changing Lines Sends Positive and Quirky Messages

 - May 9, 2012
References: changinglines & mymodernmet
The word 'stop' can easily be considered as one of the more abrasive commands spotted on the road--the STOP Project hopes to change that. It combines typography and traffic signs for playful messages that will replace a driver's scowl with a smile. For instance, one tweaked traffic sign reads "Don't STOP until you get enough" while another reads "STOP in the name of love."

Conceived and put together by Changing Lines, people might argue that the creative STOP Project additions might jeopardize people's safety, especially the succinct "Don't STOP" one, but the signs are so iconic it shouldn't be an issue. According to the designer, the STOP Project uses this particular sign "in order to create an immediate relationship between the messages, the locations and the experiences of the moment."