Isa Silva Captures Beautifully Surreal Still Photography

Isa Silva's 'Fleeting' series captures still photography suspended in time. The images depict models peacefully floating in mid-air, held up by balloons. While this concept is typically very serene, there is also a darkness that comes across in this black-and-white-styled shoot.

The ethereal series is emblematic of the Lisbon and London-based photographer's ability to seamlessly blend fine art and fashion. In this shoot, Silva captures a delicate contrast of light and dark colors as well as heavy and lightweight objects. This theme is carried throughout the photo shoot with styling by Tiago Ferreira that pairs buoyant black balloons with ominous elements like heavy-looking metal footwear and weaponry.

Silva's 'Fleeting' series artfully communicates that with the inevitable passing of time, these moments of serene and still photography will not last forever.