The Stereocap Headphones Fit With Any Personal Style

 - May 22, 2017
References: kickstarter
Everyone carries an ample library of music in their pockets, but accessing that music often means sacrificing one's unique style -- unless one has a pair of Stereocap headphones on hand. The modular headphones are crafted such that they can be worn with any kind of headgear, allowing consumers to match them to whatever they're wearing that day.

The key to the Stereocap headphones is the band that typically attaches the two earpieces. With Stereocap, that band is detachable, meaning that consumers can throw a cap on while still getting immersive, over-the-ear sound. The earpieces are also engineered to provide a firm grip over one's ears, so wearers need not be concerned with their Stereocaps falling off.