Stephen Eichhorn Meticulously Cuts up Vintage Images of Foliage

 - Nov 1, 2011
References: ebersmoore & itsnicethat
Stephen Eichhorn introduces a new take on collages. Instead of artfully putting together random mix of interesting images on one canvas, he focuses quite single-mindedly on foliage and household pets. Either Stephen Eichhorn creates artworks that just have an abstract floral theme, or he incorporates cats and dogs for a more quirky flavor.

Based in Chicago, Illinois, Stephen Eichhorn meticulously cuts up printed versions of leaves, flowers and other foliage in order to rearrange them into beautiful patterns and other arrangements. He mainly uses images from vintage how-to plant care books. Described as a "compulsive houseplant waterer and rearranger," by The Plant Journal, it is no surprise that Stephen Eichhorn has taken up such a specific artform to tirelessly work away at.