Stellvertreter Coat Racks Suggest Shoe Placement

 - Jul 4, 2011
References: studio-stephanschulz
The ideal may be to keep the front foyer clear of clutter, but the reality is that outerwear and footwear are always best kept conveniently placed. Stellvertreter Coat Racks embrace this practice of leaving your sneakers by the door, as they incorporate imprints of shoe soles into their solid concrete bases.

A charming image is created that might remind one of the footprints they cast in wet blocks of the sidewalk way back when, where one model of this slingshot stand features a pair of children's feet impressed as well. Designer Stephan Schulz of these Stellvertreter Coat Racks even incorporated an upturned coarse-hair brush into the cement mat so that dirt from out of doors can be loosened from the treads of your runners.