Stedfast Paper Shredders Ads Ensure Your Story is Destroyed

 - May 13, 2011
References: mudra & adsoftheworld
Generally the most important of your disposed documents are the ones that get stripped to pieces and based on what these Stedfast Paper Shredders ads assert, consumers will have no reason to fear that such personal information will be reassembled.

DDB advertising of Mudra, India, compiled these comical prints to tell nonsensical stories that surely don't reflect the original. Just imagine the first draft of a crime fiction novel you've written and subsequently scrapped; should those mixed up ribbons of paper be pieced back together, you might get an entirely new narrative with an undeniably fragmented plot.

Cops with dog heads, pageant queens in torture scenes and a woman using a banana as a weapon make no sense at all. The Jumbled Conspiracy Stedfast Paper Shredders ads incorporate an element of amusement that's sure to be successful within the campaign.