UrbanAlps' 'Stealth Key' is Virtually Impossible to Duplicate

 - May 10, 2017
References: urbanalps & psfk
The 'Stealth Key' is a 3D-printed creation from UrbanAlps that aims to make it impossible for the key to be replicated.

The introduction of technology like 3D scanners and additive manufacturing has made it possible for just about anyone to create replicas of objects, including copies of keys. UrbanApls' Stealth Key sets itself apart by being made with layers of titanium, effectively creating millions of possible combinations. The teeth of the 3D-printed key itself are concealed under a small lip, which is a design that makes it much more difficult for the average burglar to replicate, even with all the technologies available today.

Alongside the Stealth Key, UrbanApls also created the ultra-secure Stealth padlock, which is housed within an alloy casing that is resistant to liquid nitrogen.