This Frisbee by Matt Wiley Doubles as STD Awareness

 - Feb 22, 2013
References: mattwileyart & neatorama
STD awareness has never been so fun! Usually learning about the potential risks and dangers of STDs and STIs is boring or at least, taken for granted. It’s hard to ignore it when it is being passed right to you.

Matt Wiley has used clever wordplay to make this STD Frisbee as clever and effective as it is. On the front of each Frisbee are the words, "You caught…" that ends with a sexual infection or disease. The back of each Frisbee contains useful information and helpful tips concerning the STD/STI in question.

These brilliant Frisbees will certainly be an effective (flying) vessel for STD awareness. It is hopeful that people will spread the word and pass on the awareness. As playful as these Frisbees are, STDs/STIs are a serious issue.