Stavros Damos Drawings of Musicians and Actors are Breathtaking

 - Jun 19, 2014
References: & abduzeedo
Illustrator Stavros Damos created these beautiful sketches of famous musicians, artists and filmmakers in his latest caricatures series. Damos style cleverly incorporates geometric lines, shading and cross-hatching to give these iconic celebrities a dramatic and avant-garde look.

While most caricature artists tend to draw faces and exaggerated facial expressions in a monochromatic black and white style using a marker, Damos' style is relatively different. While Davos does exaggerate the facial features of celebrities like Bob Dylan, Mick Jagger and Tim Burton, Damos also uses color and cross-hatching to render his sketches that much more alluring. Each face is divided up geometrically and filled in with tiny little block lines to add depth and dimension to the flat portraits.