Eyescare Flashes Foul Images to Stop You From Staring at a Screen

 - Oct 9, 2015
References: eyescare.be
Upon arrival of World Sight Day, it's important to remind people that staring at a screen for too long is bad for their eyes and that doctors recommend those who work desk jobs to look away from their computer every 20 minutes. However, many people either don't remember to do that or get too drawn into their work to care. That is why the 'Eyescare' app was created to force users to automatically look away every so often by showing a gross, scary or unappealing image.

From hacked up feet to gross mating insects -- this app doesn't stop with a simple image of mold-covered cheese. The app is launching on World Sight Day and encourages people to keep their eyes healthier by interrupting time spent staring at a screen. Though it may come with a little social judgement at the office, the "eyecare" it provides in the end is worthwhile.