The Starbucks Frozen Drink Maker Can Be Used to Make Custom Frappuccinos

 - Jun 1, 2016
References: & brandeating
Frappuccino fans are sure to rejoice over the release of the new Starbucks Frozen Drink Maker in Japan. For many people, summer is the ideal time to enjoy the coffee chain's famous frozen drinks. Now the sugary-sweet concoctions can be whipped up at home with the help of the new single-serve Frappuccino-maker.

The Starbucks Frozen Drink Maker is a two-part system designed for making custom Frappuccinos at home. To use the device, users must begin by freezing the inner cylinder overnight. The next day, users can pour in the drink of their choice and stir with the accompanying spoon once the drink is frozen. While the chain recommends using its Starbucks Via instant coffee and a splash of milk, users can experiment with different ingredients to come up with their own blended beverage creations.

While the single-serve Frappuccino-maker is currently only available in Japan, the product demonstrates the growing demand for devices that help consumers prepare their favorite coffee shop beverages as home.