The Dark Side is Defeated with Batteries In This Star Wars Ad

 - Nov 2, 2015
References: duracell & mashable
In this Duracell Star Wars ad, the evil of the Dark Side is defeated with the help of a battery-powered lightsaber.

In the Christmas-themed co-branded Star Wars ad, a young boy awakes Christmas morning to find an army of Stormtroopers outside his bedroom door. Encouraged by R2D2 and C3PO, he grabs his Duracell-powered lightsaber and fights them off. Upon arrival downstairs, he realizes that his little sister is in the snow-covered front yard, also fighting off agents of Star Wars evil. He rushes outside to help her, and the two fight off the Dark Side together.

This co-branded Duracell Star Wars ad is a great tie-in for the millions of parents who will be buying their children Star Wars-themed gifts for Christmas. It reminds them that they will need batteries to power those Christmas morning lightsaber duels.