Stacked Wines Splits Typical Alcohol Containers into Four Components

 - Apr 10, 2012
References: stackedwines & gizmodo
Not everyone wants to polish off a bottle of wine in one sitting, so Stacked Wines provides a great alternative to re-corking it for later. It essentially breaks up the bottle into four plastic cups that stack up conveniently when all together, hence the name. Each cup is individually sealed and perfectly measured to contain 187 millilitres of wine.

Founded by Matt Zimmer, Jodi Wynn and Doug Allan, Stacked Wines is based in California. Right now, only two Stacked Wines beverages are available: California Merlot or California Chardonnay. As affordable as a regular bottle of wine is, Stacked Wines is convenient and easily portable for picnics and other outdoor adventures.

Although there are plans to expand elsewhere, Stacked Wines is currently available in sunny California.