S.STEIN's Fashion Accessory for Tools

 - Apr 24, 2007
References: ssteindesign
You know you are a trend-setting fashion-maven when you refuse to bend to the female fashion dictates of the 21st century. You don't carry a Prada, Gucci, or Luis Vuitton bag because they are, frankly, hideously ugly displays of commercialism. You want to be different; you want to be free, to live your life hip, on the hip. That is why you bought this wickedly stylish toolbelt from S.STEIN. It serves your purposes, and is way beyond cool.

You say you don't work in the garden much, and you don't swing a hammer, you are not a guy-girl; you are a girl-girl who likes to be free, and to have your hands free. You carry just what you need: your iPod, maybe a cell phone, or if you are like me, you take your compact digital camera with you everywhere, because you never know when you might see something on your daily adventure that will need to be posted to your Flickr or YouTube. Of course you carry money, because even though you don't buy frivolous things like designer handbags you like to spend your money.

The toolbelt from S.STEIN sports a reinforced main pocket with mini-pockets, and a snug cellphone or i-pod pocket on either side. The handy snap off key ring is in a contrasting suede. The snap is easy to snap, but stays tight when you need it to. These come in a variety of colors. Tip: you can special order colors not on the website. I have one that is shamrock green.

The toolbelt fits comfortably on your hips with sleek snap adjustment or you can wear it across your chest, Che-style, as I sometimes do.