Sriracha the Movie Answers Burning Questions About the Famous Sauce

 - Dec 17, 2013
References: foodiggity
The trailer for Sriracha The Movie recently launched and so far, it's gotten amazing views from different newspapers and magazines. This indie film is available for $5 through online purchase and all the proceeds go towards making this spicy documentary hit the film festivals. This flavorful sauce has an enormous cult following. There have been so many recipes and food products created based on the irresistible flavor.

The short trailer flashes mouth-watering pictures of Sriracha in food and the creator of the product makes an appearance. The film will share the origin story of Sriracha and delve into an explanation of why this flavor has become so popular all over the world. Sriracha The Movie is a movie you’ll want to see. If you love the sauce you’ll want to get the scoop on where it came from, how it was made and why is it heating up food culture on such a massive scale.