This Game of Thrones T-Shirt Spoofs Sriracha Hot Sauce

 - May 6, 2014
References: bustedtees & thatsnerdalicious
If you're a fan of the infamously spicy Sriracha hot sauce and the Game of Thrones series, you need to get this humorous Tagaryan Hot Wildfire T-shirt. The shirt creatively spoofs the Sriracha bottle label.

The Tagaryan Hot Wildfire shirt turns the classic red Sriracha hot sauce label into a fantasy-themed T-shirt. Rather than the Sriracha's traditional graphic of a rooster, the Tagaryen Hot Wildfire label features a picture of the Tagaryen house sigil of a three-headed dragon. The manufacturer's name has also been cleverly changed to "Valyrian Foods" and the address to "300 King's Landing, Westeros." The T-shirt comes in a fitting blood-red hue.

If you were to imagine how spicy Targaryan hot sauce would be, it would probably have the Scoville measurement of a dragon's fiery breath. When you wear this shirt, it'll remind everyone that you're rooting for Daenerys to win the throne.