The Spy Bolt Lets You Stash Small Objects Inside a Fake Nut

 - Jul 16, 2014
References: amazon & uncrate
If you happen to have something small you need to keep hidden from prying eyes, the Spy Bolt is just what you need. Whether it’s cash, jewelry or even an SD card filled with explicit photos, you can stash them all inside this deceiving metal bolt.

The Spy Bolt is essentially a fake metal bolt with a hidden compartment that is perfect for putting small objects in that you don’t want others to find. The Spy Bolt’s long and cylinder design makes this the ideal place to store all your secret trinkets. You can fit a decent amount of loot inside this three inches long with a half an inch diameter compartment. With a screw on top and an O-shaped ring seal, you can rest safe knowing your hidden belongings are safe.