Spurious Correlations Will Have You Laughing and Learning

 - Jun 26, 2014
References: tylervigen & theawesomer
Spurious correlations by Tyler Vigen is a website that allows visitors to select from amongst a plethora of variables that although correlate, they ultimately have nothing to do with one another.

In our current information age we are constantly being bombarded with data, and as a result we can be easily fooled into forming causal links between these pieces of correlating data. Spurious correlations is a hilarious site with an important lesson to be learned; though we may be able to use technology to further collect and compare information, ultimately we must use our own human faculties when it comes to interpreting and understanding these data points.

Examples of spurious correlations found on the site include: the marriage rate in Kentucky correlating with the number of fishing boat drownings, and the consumption of mozzarella cheese with the number of engineering doctorates awarded.