Weird Al Takes On Team Songs in General With the Satirical 'Sports Song'

 - Jul 18, 2014
References: FunnyOrDie & buzzfeed
In his latest parody this week, Weird Al Yankovic makes fun of team anthems in general with 'Sports Song.' The new video is the fourth Weird Al has released lately, in an effort to put out a new video from his upcoming album every day this week. In addition to taking on Happy by Pharell Williams ('Tacky'), Royals by Lorde ('Foil') and Fancy by Iggy Azalea ('Handy'), the satirical songwriter has now taken on every team song ever.

'Sports Song' points out the penchant sports teams have for not only praising their own positive attributes, but for telling everyone else they are awful. As the song goes on, he really gets to the point of team spirit, explaining "Okay, full disclosure, we’re not that great, but nevertheless, you suck!"