Muji's Waterproof Speaker Protection Prepares Your Phone for a Wash

 - Apr 23, 2013
Although our music players and systems are becoming increasingly portable, listening to your favorite tunes while around water continues to be a tricky task, but it's creations like Muji's splash-proof speakers that are making sleek sound systems a water-ready reality.

Even the craftiest smartphone user won't take the chance of inflicting water damage on their beloved handheld accesories. That's because once a product of this calibre is waterlogged, there is relatively little you can do to save your electronic device from nearly certain destruction. That's where Muji's easy-to-use and compact splash-proof speakers come into play. Using a clever, waterproof design that features a sleek touch panel, these splash-proof speakers still allow for an interactive user experience. It's also possible to carry out important business actions like answering emails using Muji's ingenious, water-ready gadget.