The Gardena Underground Spiral Hose Tucks Garden Equipment Neatly Away

 - May 12, 2016
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In-ground water sprinklers are common, so the Gardena Underground Spiral Hose looks to mimic the aesthetic to make garden watering more efficient. The underground storage box unit allows homeowners to bury the hose in the ideal location in the garden to make watering easier.

The frost protection design ensures the unit can stay buried during the winter months and still be ready to go once the warm weather returns. To install the Gardena Underground Spiral Hose, the main storage unit needs to be buried in a hole and connected to a water source. From here, users can retrieve the hose at their leisure to make keeping a garden hydrated a more streamlined.

The system is crafted from high-impact heavy duty plastic and features a self-draining valve to ensure water isn't stored in the unit to prevent freezing.