The Synthetic Adhesion System by Elliot Hawkes Can Support 200LBS

 - Nov 25, 2014
References: popularmechanics & neatorama
The day of the everyday hero has arrived with the Spiderman gloves. One of the missing components when it comes to assembling a costume that will help masked vigilantes keep urban streets safe, the wearer will be able to scale a smooth vertical wall with ease with them on.

Developed by Elliot Hawkes and a team of Stanford researchers, the Spiderman gloves relies on a synthetic adhesion system, which is capable of supporting up to 200 pounds. Although it is easiest to associate the Spiderman gloves with the comic book superhero, the technology behind it was actually inspired by reptiles. Hawkes explains, "To work, the surface you're climbing needs to be relatively smooth; like glass, varnished wood, polished stone, or metal, but you can attach and detach with very little effort, and to make [the gloves] stick all you have to do is hang your weight."