Spheres 1-20 by Sara Ludy Explores Composed Digital Landscapes

 - Apr 23, 2013
References: saraludy & triangulationblog
A generated foray into 3-D generated environments, Spheres 1-20 by Sara Ludy presents the realm of virtual architecture at the Klaus Gallery in New York.

The video piece is compromised of looped episodes showcased in gallery space that projects the piece onto a wall immersing visitors into the imagery. Ludy showcases a distinctive style that draws from the realm of artistic mode, marrying Internet aesthetic with the technicality of programming.

Spheres 1-20 by Sara Ludy stands out as it "pursues a sense of familiarity and the uncanny, pointing to the flexible spectrum of spaces designed for human habitation and the facsimiles of those spaces found online," according to Klaus gallery. This piece falls into a prominent artistic genre that capitalizes "spacial compositions" as artists explore immersive dimensions with shape, form and virtual space.