The Brabus-Tesla Roadster

 - Nov 26, 2008
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E-Cars and tuning: is this really possible? The answer is a resounding yes! The German tuner Brabus, based in Bottrop, is exhibiting the first ever tuned electric car at the 41st Essen Motor Show, starting November 26th.

The highlight of the tuned Tesla is a space sound generator. The crew on board can choose between 4 different sounds: a V8-sound, the sound of a race car and two different space sounds that will remind you of the Enterprise, called Beam and Warp. It’s really funny, because electric cars are normally very silent.

The Brabus-Tesla has a spectacular matte white colour and a carbon front with integrated LED daylights. The side of the car has ‘space lights’ and the interior is decked out in handmade leather and Alcantara.

Brabus, the biggest tuner of world, is well known for tuning Mercedes cars. Already Brabus has shown their diversity of talent by tuning the Smart, proving also that they have a sense of the biggest trends of our time.