The Spark Watch Catches You Before You Nod Off

 - Nov 13, 2014
References: wearblanc & gizmag
This Spark watch will keep you from dozing off at inopportune moments.

Sometimes caffeine falls short and we're left scrambling, trying desperately not to fall asleep on the subway or during a crucial work meeting.

The spark watch, along with telling the time, features two integrated motion senors. One sensor measures for velocity of movement, while the other tracks the frequency of movement. These two figures are plugged into an algorithm that determines the wearer's movement patterns. If the watch senses you've gotten off track, indicating your sleepy, sluggish and on the verge of missing your bus stop or losing your shot at a promotion, it'll shoot a 12-volt vibration that should get you up-and-at-'em in no time!