This Space-Saving Chair Will Help Utilize All Available Room

 - Jul 17, 2013
References: dezeen
As more and more people begin to move into smaller homes like condos or townhouses, the inherit problem of a lack of space arises, however with a space-saving chair like the M6, you will be able to utilize every inch available.

Created by Joe Buttigieg, the M6 Tubular chair helps to solve many issues that people face. This is an extremely lightweight chair that is easy to lift, and the steel frame design allows it to sit nicely, and safely, on top of a table. Not only is this a functional chair, but it is also aesthetically pleasing.

In its duality, the chair helps to solve space problems by allowing you to store it out of the way, all the while being nice to look at. Buttigieg has created a balance between the functionality and the aesthetic of a piece of furniture, and this space-saving chair is just what most homes need.