Sound Mariner Waterproof Earbuds Keep Beats Pumping Below the Surface

 - Aug 12, 2012
References: & industrialdesignserved
Most people probably have few requirements for and opportunities to use something like these Sound Mariner waterproof earbuds, yet for those who invest a great deal of their time around the pool or the ocean, no doubt these audiophile accessories would be donned on a daily basis.

Andrea Ponti has Pineway Asia Ltd. manufacturing these nifty headsets that are distributed through Case Logic. Three differently sized silicone plugs accommodate a wider range of wearers and suffice to better block out the passage of water into ears. Superior quality of sound is delivered through the headphones thanks to a driver with a 10-milimeter titanium casing.

Provided that you have adequate leak-proof equipment to protect your multimedia gadgets, the Sound Mariner waterproof earbuds would greatly enhance the experience of aquatic workouts and underwater videography.