The Sorry, I Spent It on Myself Ad Encourages Gifting Yourself

 - Dec 17, 2013
References: harveynichols & harveynichols
The ’Sorry, I Spent It On Myself’ Harvey Nichols Christmas commercial carries on with its tongue-in-cheek ads that encourage buying more for yourself than for others. The ’Sorry, I Spent It On Myself’ commercial shows gift recipients quickly overcoming the joy of unwrapping a Christmas gift when they find out it’s something lame like a box of toothpicks, paperclips or rubber bands.

As the camera pans away from the sad faces of the people who received an item from the ‘Sorry, I Spent It On Myself’ collection, splurges like the fantastic purses and gorgeous dresses that inspired these Scrooge-like gifts can be seen. As mean-spirited as this campaign is, it’s a cheeky way to promote the shop for the ‘Sorry, I Spent It On Myself’ collection, which brings up an empty page and encourages shoppers to buy something else from Harvey Nichols.