Chescaleigh's Song About Twitter is Set to No Doubt's 'Don't Speak'

 - Nov 6, 2013
'Don't Tweet' is a song about Twitter by YouTube user 'Chescaleigh,' set to the tune of No Doubt's 'Don't Speak.'

The hilarious Twitter parody revives the popular No Doubt song with issues that Twitter users face, like following someone who tweets only about their food, every thought that pops into their head or continuously posts Fourquare check-ins. Throughout the song, Chescaleigh threatens to unfollow these obnoxious Twitter users and warns "Don't tweet it cause it sucks." As harsh as this message can be to hear, the video delivers it in a humorous way that does not offend.

Twitter users have no doubt encountered at least one type of these annoying tweeters on the social network and will easily be able to relate to this song about people who just tweet too much.