The Son-X Octavia Aims to Make Swinging More Popular than Gaming

 - May 30, 2012
References: son-xplay & designbuzz
The Son-X Octavia is an interactive musical device designed to get children to play outside more. Developed by Son Xplay, the Son-X Octavia is a solar-powered speaker system that attaches to swing sets. The speakers play three recorded sounds, applause, concert and a beat, whenever a child has reached a certain height on the swing, or whenever they have spent a certain amount of time swinging.

The device is small enough to be powered by three solar panels, and it's compact enough to fit onto any swing set with ease. Currently, only three sounds are available for the Son-X Octavia, but the company plans to release sound updates on USB sticks in the future. The gadget is targeted specifically at schools without a small to medium-sized budget, and sells for $624.