The Solowheel Provides an Extreme Way to Get Around

 - Feb 19, 2011   Updated: Jul 20 2011
References: inventist & coolhunting
The Solowheel is one of the most incredible forms of transportation that I have ever seen. With only a single wheel, the electric Solowheel is self-balancing, lightweight and easy to use.

Simply step on the Solowheel and you're ready to go. The compact construction makes it perfect for city dwellers who want to zoom around on this electric-powered wheel, since it can easily be carried into any building and stored inconspicuously.

Implications - Unicyclists needn't worry though. It's not as if these new-age contraptions will make the old one-wheeled transport obsolete. It will, however, encourage consumers to try their hand at balance beams, since that's a skill you'll probably need in order to ride the Solowheel.