Never Worry About Running Water with the Solar-Powered Toilet

 - Nov 18, 2012
References: yankodesign
The FACETOCH is a portable solar-powered toilet that makes going to the washroom in public places a little more bearable.

Imagine your bladder is exploding, you can't hold it in any longer but the only public washroom available is unkept and wreaks of urine, but you have to go. While public portable toilets are convenient and available at most large and crowded events, they're notorious for being filthy and often don't have running water in them. FACETOCH, a solar-powered toilet, is not only compact and mobile but aesthetically beautiful.

By creating a restroom that appeals to the users with functionality and design, this product ensures that there's no need to torturously hold your bladder until you find the closest Starbucks.