The Solar Oasis Aims to Make the Namib Desert Livable

 - Nov 28, 2011
References: cargocollective & ecofriend
Philip Weller is aiming to make the Namib Desert in Nambia a little more hospitable with his Solar Oasis design. Solar Oasis is a proposed condensation collection center that would transform the harsh climate of the Namib desert into a hub to supporting plant, animal and human life.

Weller's Solar Oasis would be powered by the sun's rays and would gather the low-lying moist air of the desert. The moisture gathered would be used to support life of all types, with Weller's conceptual images depicting a zebra drinking from a pool of water against a backdrop of lush flora. It doesn't look like the world's deserts will be getting water anytime soon, so perhaps it's time to start harnessing their solar energy to make them a more hospitable place.