The Social Sickness Infographic Diagnoses Different Media Ad

 - Oct 15, 2012
References: blog.marketo
Social media is notorious for destroying relationships, outing cheating partners and exposing gossip, but these are mostly caused by a severe social media addiction.

The Social Sickness Infographic categorizes the different types of addicts and makes you ask yourself which kind you really are: the Alert-Lover, Verb Creator, Vowel Dropper, Liker, Freak-Outer and so many more. Social media has evolved in such a way that it has caused a distinct lack of human interaction in today’s society. An important question the infographic focuses on is whether people have an "unhealthy relationship" with social media.

Most people on the morning commute aren’t reading or chatting or even catching up on sleep; they’re checking their smartphones, updating their status, or uploading random photos on Instagram. Social media was initially created to help people connect with friends and others around the world, but it has evolved at viral speed into a platform where individuals overshare, making it extremely convenient to stalk each other.