Understand the Trends Shaping Today's Socially Conscious Consumer

 - Dec 22, 2010
References: trendreports
Trend Hunter’s Social Good Trend Report includes the major social trends affecting today’s consumer, with topics ranging from charities and animal rights to social business initiatives and activist groups like PETA. As the values and ethics of brands become an increasing consideration of consumers in their purchasing decisions, it is imperative for businesses to understand the trends shaping today’s socially conscious world.

Including trends like Eco Schooling, Fairytale Realism and Illustrated Awareness, our crowdsourced research is for any brand looking for insight into today’s social arena. Whether you are a company aiming to promote yourself through social activism and business ethics, or an activist group about to unleash a new awareness campaign or charity event, our research will guide you through this constantly changing social environment.

Our Social Trend Report will reveal the changes stemming from the increase in socially aware consumers, and what some brands and activist organizations are doing to appeal to this market segment.