The Snurk Bed Linen Bob Keeps You Company

 - Jun 1, 2012
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Say goodbye to lonely nights in your apartment with the assistance of the Snurk Bed Linen Bob. This comfortable bed linen is sure to give you the animal companionship you so desperately crave. This pet won't steal your food, make a mess in your apartment or destroy your designer shoes. It'll simply lay on your bed -- actually, it's part of the bed.

The Snurk Bed Linen Bob has a daringly cute little puppy printed on it. This puppy is curled up tight and sleeping soundly on the corner of your duvet. This bedspread is designed to give you the company of a pup without the responsibility, hassle and cost that real dogs tend to come with.

The dog printed on the sheets looks extremely realistic, as it is a photographic representation that has been digitally transferred on to the sheets. These soft 100% cotton sheets are eco-friendly and a great substitute for a real dog. These easy-care sheets, available for $75 are cheaper and less hassle than a puppy, but still come with all the perks of having a pooch.