The Snowball in a Tube is a Frosty Firearm

The summertime often brings boredom, but no more thanks to the Snowball in a Tube. Now anyone can have a snowball fight in July using pillow forts instead of snow forts.

This ammunition is not actually made out of snow, but instead, it's made out of a soft material that doesn't hurt when one is struck with it.
The Snowball in a Tube was created for the associates of creative media firm Bailey Lauerman to keep the office lively and so far the employees have loved it. Trips to the water cooler are delayed by diving into open cubicals and tossing snowballs like grenades over the short walls.

One must always be on their toes if they are to become true winter warriors and only the best strap the Snowball in a Tube to their belts.