This Bed is Designed to Look Like the Sleepy Pokemon Snorlax

 - Jun 15, 2014
References: etsy & droold
Do you remember the infamous Snorlax anime character from the Pokemon series who was known for always falling asleep? Well Etsy designer Catherine Kim, based in South Korea, recently decided to create a bed designed to look just like the massive monster cartoon character.

The Snorlax bed is roughly 6-feet long and 5-feet wide. The bed makes up Snorlax's dark blue and white tummy body with a clawed pair of white feet attached to the bed's base. The Snorlax's head makes up the headboard with his feline-like face and closed, sleepy eyes. Snorlax's pudgy arms function as comfy pillows. If you're looking to order this anime character bed, be prepared to stuff it with 10-kilograms of cotton. Then you can enjoy a peaceful snooze with Snorlax watching over you.