Sneaker Crowns Add Some Luxury Flair to Your Shoes

Separating your Jordan XI from the crowd is now easier than ever thanks to Sneaker Crowns. Sneaker Crowns are little pieces of jewelry that go on your sneakers to help you stand out/show off.

According to the solecollector website, these Sneaker Crowns are made out of bronze and come in "silver rhodium, 18k gold, smoked onyx and rose gold finishes." There are several different styles to choose from, including the LA logo, number 23 (Michael Jordan) and dollar sign. The prices on these shoecessories range from $45 to $80.

Sneaker Crowns are proof that when it comes to shoes, sneakerheads will do and spend just about anything to stand out. If custom crowns could be ordered, I could see these luxury shoe accessories becoming the biggest thing since multicolored shoe laces.