The HTC One Smartphone Photobooth Captures Unbelievable Action

 - Oct 27, 2013
References: digitalbuzzblog
The ‘Ultimate Smartphone Photobooth’ is an incredible advertisement for the HTC One. To capture the nature of this phone’s power, a circular stage was set up and lined with dozens of HTC phones.

People were invited to step inside the booth and perform a stunt showing off something they love. At the perfect moment, the cameras on the phones were able to capture a full circle view of skateboard tricks, dogs catching frisbees in mid-air, jumps that seem frozen in time and even one guy breathing fire.

The effect of the 540-degree photobooth is truly something to behold, since it is far more dynamic than a regular straight-on flat photograph. This booth really shows off the might of the HTC One's uber fast Snapdragon processors.